The Importance of Nursing

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The Importance of Nursing

Nurses are a compulsory addition in every hospital setting. A hospital without a nurse is like a train without an engine. It is not even possible to think of what hospitals would be like without nurses. The physicians would just end up being more stressed out than they are already. For those who do not know, Nurses are very important for a lot of reasons, obvious or not.

One of the first reasons why nurses are so important is due to the fact that nurses are the ones that have direct contact with the patient. If the nurses are lackadaisical about their relationship with the patient, it ends up passing across to the patient a message of insecurity and mistrust. The patients would not feel secure in the hospital. It would be quite unfortunate if the hospital, a place meant to be for relief ends up being one where patients are made as uncomfortable as possible.

Nurses have a big impact on hospital culture. In most cases, nurses are the largest category of employees. If the nurses carry about their work in a happy and caring disposition, it is very likely to affect all part of the hospital workforce. Their sheer number makes their disposition easily contagious. Conversely, if the nurses go about their duties with a hostile disposition, it could also easily infect the general disposition of the hospital.

Nurses are taking on more roles considering the fact that health care nowadays is focused more on prevention than on treatment. Thus, the performing of preventive actions like the checking of blood pressure, blood sugar, insulin level and so on, is usually done by nurses. These roles are important in the prevention of deadly illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, cancer and so on.

Nurses also directly help the patient in making him get better. For the patient that cannot do so much, he is dependent on the nurse to give him his daily medication. Without a nurse to fulfil this role, the patient would be left unattended to and this could end up being counterproductive. It is just so unimaginable to consider how a patient’s life would be without a nurse. Nurses help a patient in the step to recovery. The only times a doctor relates with the patient is first during diagnosis and during occasional check-ups. The remaining direct relationship with the patient is via the nurse.

Basically, nurses are there to assist the doctors in helping to protect life and maintain health. There is only so much that a doctor can do. If doctors had to do everything, they could end up having shorter lifespans due to stress. This is quite paradoxical and counterproductive. For all doctors, life in the hospital without nurses would be unfathomable. The hospital would end up being a slaughter house for both patients and doctors if there are no nurses available.

Once again, the fact that hospitals would be quite inefficient without nurses cannot be over emphasised. Nurses are very vital in our health care system and they should never be overlooked.

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