Caring For K9s

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Caring For K9s

We all know that dogs are a big part of our families and we would do anything to keep them happy. No matter how big or small the dog is they always have a big place in our hearts. This means that keeping them healthy is the best thing that we can do for them. Knowing how important it is them to feed them the proper nutritious foods and taking them to their check-ups is just a small part of what is takes to fully take care of your pet. Keep reading to find out some tips in caring for your dog, big or small.

If you have a small dog, you may have a beagle, and beagles are the best. Beagles are intelligent, brave and social dogs who love children and are tolerant and gentle as well. They can remain indoors as long as they get the normal amount of required exercise. They love being around people and need lots of love and attention.

Beagles typically shed quite a bit so make sure they are properly groomed. They should be washed in non-irritating shampoo and brushed with a bristle brush. Keep an eye on your beagle as they are prone to develop ear infections so watch for any odd colored ear wax, foul odor or excessive digging at the ears. Obesity is also a typical health problem for beagles so making sure they have a nutritious diet and go on long walks regularly is crucial.

A Labrador retriever is a larger dog and a very common one to own. They are great family dogs and love to run and play just like any other large dog. They also tend to become obese easily so make sure you watch their diet and get the healthiest and most nutritious food available for your retriever. Never neglect your retriever, he loves to be loved. Take him on long walks and cuddle with him when he wants to cuddle.

Labrador retrievers love play toys so make sure you supply your pet with loads of squeaky and fetch toys so they can stay active and healthy. This may sound like common sense but the one mistake most dog owner’s make is that they overcommit. They simply do not have time to take care of their pets the way they should be cared for.

Any dog large or small, means the world to those who own and love them. Making sure they stay healthy so they are around for a long time is so unbelievably important. I am sure you would do it for any other member of your family so why not your pet? Make sure you are taking them to check-ups regularly and getting them outside to get lots of exercise. It is the least you can do for your family.

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