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Take Action Now! – PLEASE SEND A FAX by clicking on the link Below. Take time to personalize your fax and tell DFO what you think about their management actions.

Tell DFO What You Think

Send a Letter.

Grass roots action is the most effective means of making change. Writing a letter to decision makers has already been effective in many of our steelhead issues. Please take the time to write a letter to Federal Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn. Many members have already done so and our voice is being heard loud and clear. We need to keep up the pressure to ensure the Federal Department of Fisheries starts managing the Skeena commercial fishery in a sustainable manner.

Please click on the below links for sample letters and a contact list of all recipients who you should send a copy to. It is very important that all of the contacts receive a copy of your letter to ensure it is effective. Hard copies are the most effective but e-mails, faxes and phone calls are all important.

NCSA Contact List for Letter Writing Campaign
New NCSA Contact List for Letter Writing Campaign.doc


Letter to the Editor

Write a letter to the editor of one of our local newspapers to ensure your concerns about the issue are heard and the public is educated.


Please donate to allow us to continue to be an effective voice for Skeena steelhead. Click on the following link Donate Here donate any amount to show your support.

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Educate Yourself and Others

Learn more about the impacts on our wild steelhead from our issues and solutions pages. We also have many links to other related sites containing information regarding the fishery and its harmful impacts. Feel free to contact us any time for further information or any questions you might have. Please inform other anglers about these threats.